Why Ranking on the First Page is So Imperative

The main objective with any website is to be ranked #1. Search engines are wonderful tools and are the most important and effective way that consumers get online information. The majority of folks when searching are going to begin at the top of the list and go down until they see what they want.

Less skilled web users will totally depend on the search engine with its suggestion and will only ever go to a couple of sites to get the service or info they desire, so the top spot is vital.

With anything you have to begin somewhere, so let’s begin with the importance of ranking. Ranking is a vital element to any SEO strategy and can’t be devalued. Particularly on the big search engines with billions of searches daily.

Thus, understanding where your site ranks on the main search engines in cyberspace is vital when studying your present standing and progressing a strong strategy for the future.

Research shows that over 35% will likely click on your site if you are ranked #1 on Google, 25% are more liable to click if you are ranked #2, and 23% are more prone if you are 3rd. It is quite easy for more knowledgeable surfers to type in a business name or keywords and view the results that come back. However, If you aren’t ranking at the top or even on the first page of results, then you’re missing out on site hits, traffic, and more importantly potential customers.

With that being said, it is crucial to create a plan of action to enhance your ranking. The aim should be to get you to the top of the first page and for it to remain there without your competitors getting a chance of bumping you off the top spot.

Top Blogging Sites

Blogging is a good way to connect with people worldwide. Regardless if you blog to voice your passion for your hobbies, blog to unite personally with others, or blog to help endorse your business, it can be a solid avenue to meet folks you won’t otherwise meet.

If you have never blogged, you want to pick a blog platform that’s for beginners. This means in numerous cases, you will be giving up the chance to change CSS or HTML code. If you have been blogging for a while, these choices for coding may be more critical to you.


The .org version of WordPress offers numerous features as its .com counterpart. But, it also offers more customization elements for any blogger. This WordPress choice works out well for people who want to have total control over the customization of their blog. It’s not a platform that is simple for beginners to use efficiently, but there are plenty of paid and free options to learn.


When talking about customization, Squarespace is a platform that has a vast assortment of options. The best part about customizing your blog on this is that it’s really user-friendly.


Another blogging platform that is good for businesses who want to have a blog on their website is Weebly. This platform has huge number of easy-to-use features, like drag and drop options for those who don’t want to learn coding to make easy changes. Weebly is made for web building and blogging. Business owners find Weebly much simpler to use than others where blogs and websites are crafted separately.

Expert coding options are not available on this platform. If you are a blogger who wants to be able to change and customize CSS or HTML on the blog, Weebly makes it hard to do so.

Top SEO Plugins and Tools You Should Be Using

Search engines are a big source of traffic for any website. That’s why our users frequently ask for SEO tips and plugins that can help enhance SEO of their WordPress sites. Below is some info to get the best WordPress SEO plugins and tools that will enhance SEO of your website.

WordPress SEO by Yoast

It is one of the most downloaded WordPress plugins. Yoast’s WordPress SEO is a complete solution for for all your on-site SEO needs.

It lets you add SEO title, meta keywords, and meta descriptions to every page and post of your site.


SEMRush is a tool that professionals use to gather insights and analytics from their competitor’s to aid in improving their own SEO.

You can find places where you can get insights into your competitor’s advertising methods, backlinks, and organic keywords.

SEMrush is a paid subscription and is used by hundreds of SEO specialists all over the globe. It can give you a vast wealth of data.

Google Keyword Planner

No one on the planet has more knowledge about what folks are searching for than Google, the best search engine.

Do you realize that you can get your own ideas about your keywords from Google with the Google Keyword Planner tool.

It is given to Google’s advertisers for free and all can use it. It’s purpose is to show advertisers the keywords they can bid on for their advertising. Also, it helps marketers pick the correct keywords by showing them an approximation of number of results, difficulty level, and search volume.

As a blogger or content marketer, you can use this info to discover keywords with high advertiser interest, high search volume, and more significantly keywords where you can effortlessly outrank all other websites.

The Best Tablets for Kids – Any Budget, Any Age

It’s no surprise that children love tablets. The best tablets are simple to use with energetic big screens, but they aren’t really little enough for tiny little hands. Our list of the best tablets will aid you in keeping children away from yours, making sure the content they access is okay, and the tablet survives any accidents.

Happily, there are lots of good tablets for children. Some are especially created for kids and others have parental controls to ensure your child isn’t anywhere on the web that they shouldn’t be. Regardless if you decide to get one of our kid tablets, or one of the other top contenders, the list below has all you need to get your child set up at an affordable price.

Amazon Fire Kids Edition

Why this is a must: Built precisely for kids. It’s durable, filled with age-appropriate content, economical and has a 2-year warranty.


Why should you buy this: This durable tablet has good parental controls and lots of educational games and apps to help your kids develop and learn.

5 TO 9 YEAR-OLDS-Amazon Fire HD 10

Why should you buy this: This good value tablet provides everything children need and it gives parents lots of control.

10 TO 12 YEAR-OLDS-Asus ZenPad 3S 10

Why should you buy this: Stylish, slim, and full of good features, this tablet will open up a world of potentials for your children.

TEENS-Apple iPad (2018)

Why should you buy this: An amazing design, lots of power, and the top tablet app library make this a real great choice for teenagers.

We also recommended the Fire Kids Edition. There are lots more tablets out there, but we suggest you start off with one of the above ones.

Top Parental Control Apps (And They’re FREE!)

With the progression in technology, it becomes necessary to have an encouraging environment for your family members. Kids these days get an easy access to contemporary gadgets and can get hooked on certain applications or even get exposed to the wrong content. As a parent, it is your job to shield them at an early age. Luckily, there’s lots of parental control software available FREE that will make it simpler for you to monitor your child’s activity on their computers or phones without spending a dime.

K9 Web Protection

K9 Web Protection is a highly popular free parental control software that is utilized by parents all over the globe. It is compatible with almost every major operating system such as Mac, Android, iOS, and Windows. From securing your child’s laptop or phone, this app does it all.

Qustodio Free

Qustodio has a free and a premium plan that works for Mac, iOS, Android, Kindle, Nook, and Windows. This makes it one of the most user-friendly and sophisticated parental control applications in the market. This free parental control software comes with a dashboard that can be opened remotely.

You can track text messages and phone calls on your kid’s device, block indecent content from their devices, and control gaming and apps. Also, it provides real-time location updates.


If you are concerned about your kid’s activity on social media platforms, try SocialShield, the best free parental control software for this. It offers a 360-degree view of your child’s social network activity. Moreover, since SocialShield has been obtained by Avira, it has become the must-have software for all parents.

On the website, you can download SocialShield for Windows. Use it receive real-time updates on your child’s social media pages, event while you’re at work.

SEO and Google Voice Search

If you haven’t done it yet, you should look at voice search choices on your tablet or smartphone. You’ve possibly come across it by accident, but billions of users depend on it to search sites on the web, order dinner, provide them with their favorite sports scores, or play music. Electronic search assistants that use voice search recognition are getting momentum. From Amazon’s Alexa to Apple’s Siri to Google’s Voice Search to Microsoft’s Cortana, voice assistant services are increasing all over the globe.

Voice search is a pioneering way to use your voice to perform actions on the internet or get data. Since voice assistants are becoming more well-liked with easier features, the thing is taking off. In the past, people sneered at the concept of a voice assistant, but they can now use voice assistants to get through traffic, make appointments or have questions answered ASAP without having to type anything.

As voice searches become more high-tech, they are becoming valuable assets to folks as they answer all sorts of queries. When programmed with smart home equipment, voice assistants can power the lights, remotes for the music and TV, security system, and temperature. While there are still bugs to iron out with specific dialects and wording, it’s a great start.

Voice searches are trending since it gives folks of the chance to talk faster than they would usually type, so they’re able to get more finished. For example, booking meetings is simple, checking for available flights, and hearing recipes. These are just a couple of examples of how voice searches can help you. Since you can use voice searches hands-free, you can get more work done with relevant, correct results. There is no misspelling or searching for the answer and praying it’s right. You question and the voice search gives you fast answers.

Why Google is Still the Best Search Engine

Google is by far the established and proven king of search engines. Staying schooled and present about the recent changes and improvements in SEO is imperative in today’s business world.

Bing search engine and Yahoo can’t compete with the broadband and basic reach of Google. Nor can they offer the applications, learning opportunities, and services that Google, the earth’s top search engine, makes such a significance for all internet users. Picking Google to increase your customer reach just makes for a profitable and logical business best practice.

Google is the historical leader, and has become a world icon for leadership in consumer driven best business practices that make profit!

Google has a proven record in investing in every aspect of healthy internet usage and sustainable practices. Harmonizing the rights of personal privacy and the true need to reveal information and examine it, becoming a partner with consumers in planning how we use that information, and how we secure our businesses from cyber-crimes are the significances that have made Google the very best of search engines, and internet service provider for large and small businesses.

Google’s documented support for the growth of new businesses and encouragement for innovation are well-known. If you have not seen the latest Google document templates, downloads, or business applications, you must!

At an amazing pace, Google is meeting the stated needs of their customers, and they have a part in supporting one of the most important, progressive, and largest world-wide successful business networks on earth.

Google Voice has created a new way of communicating with people on the go, providing free long distance calling across the US and Canada for years. Google Voice is very user-friendly and has video calling. A great way to meet new customers from a distance!

How to Maintain and Promote Your Facebook Business Page

Now that you’ve made a Facebook page for your business, you need to increase your fan base. However, before beginning, you must understand what your goals are. What do you want the fan page to achieve for your business? Getting a huge number of fans is fabulous, but you have to determine whether you’re happy with exposure alone or whether you want fans to become customers. Do you want your Facebook page to help you sell more services and products?

Having plenty of fans may not raise sales ASAP, but it should at least improve the strength of your brand via improved customer support, improved reputation management, and the changing of fans into advocates. Over time these strategies can increase sales. Your first goal, though, should be to increase your reach, offer pertinent information about your business, sway possible customers, show that you have authority in your field, and engross fans.

Invite Contacts and Friends to Become Fans

Begin by attracting fans. Facebook pages have a feature that lets you invite contacts to become fans of your new business page. Start at the edit page, click resources, and then pick tell your fans.

You can search your email accounts for people using Facebook or upload a contact file. Your contacts file should be in the CSV format, and it can’t have over 5000 records. Some contacts will turn into fans of your page, while others will disregard the request. You should send the request only once. Or else, you risk irritating potential fans. You can, however, provide a reward or an incentive for becoming a fan.

Other ways of giving folks the chance to find out about your Facebook page include putting a link in your email signature, putting information about it on your website, marketing materials, business cards, or putting a sign up in your office.

How to Create a Facebook Business Page

If you run a small business, having a Facebook page lets you get to folks among the over 700 million or so users around the globe who are most likely to be interested in your company, products, or services. Your communication on the social network gives customers the essence that they know you and your business, which can improve loyalty and make them more liable to recommend your company.

On Facebook you can definitely add features that are difficult to put on your website. You can create a custom page, run promotions and contests, and operate a little e-commerce shop. Also and most importantly, Facebook is FREE!!! Even if you pay for developer’s services or customized applications, it’s a method of advertising with a little price tag.

The possible reach of a Facebook page is vast since over 70% of users log in on a daily basis.

Facebook studies indicate that folks interact with their favorite Facebook brands more than on any other social network and are more likely to suggest a brand after being a fan of it on Facebook. Also, they are more likely to buy a product after being a fan. Additionally, anyone outside Facebook can see your Facebook page since search engines index it.

Before making your Facebook business page, you must make a personal Facebook profile. The individual in that profile is the creator of the business page. As a result, the Facebook business page doesn’t have a separate login from that of the individual user who made it.

Many folks are nervous about mixing their business information with their personal information. The two are separate. You’ll intermingle with the business page as the business, and on your personal profile as you. Now’s the time to give your business that much-needed boost with a Facebook business page.

Is Facebook Still Relevant for Business?

In all states of marketing, awareness is everything. Social media takes this subjective reality to the next level, because it’s always present and always evolving. For entrepreneurial folks looking to launch a social brand, a network’s tainted real or perceived image may be just as important as the published content.

Facebook transformed the world by altering the way folks communicate. With over three billion users, it’s now the world’s biggest social network. However, in the last few years, Facebook has been the object of a troubling pattern: diminishing usage among its young people.

The social network has become a place for older people to share jokes, inspirational quotes, and jokes. It’s also a place to get new memes. But this doesn’t signify that Facebook hast lost its value. As a matter of fact, over the years it’s only become more entrenched in society.

Now there’s Facebook Live. Yep, Instagram has its Live and Periscope on Twitter, but for many famous and political folks, media and brand outlets, Live is a way of joining with audiences at a personal level and this means folks of any age group.

Messenger, the Facebook messaging app and Whatsapp are the two most well-known mobile messenger apps around the globe. And not to mention the nearness when in times of crisis with its safety check when there are any sort of crises anywhere on earth.

So although we may not share as much on Facebook and feel we use other social media more, it still has a crucial voice and impact on society. MySpace, High5, Bebo and Friendster are in the past. Facebook lives on! Don’t get it twisted…Facebook will be around for a while. For those of us who love it, we’re so very, very happy.