If you questioned me about my #1 marketing tool, my response might astonish you. It’s my email newsletter. Yes, that thing that most business folks dumped a long time ago.

Some folks think that it takes too much time to write a newsletter. It mostly likely will end up in someone’s junk or spam folder. This could be true. However, I beg to differ. I have earned plenty of money (thousands) by sharing by advice, tools, and tips.

When I began writing my newsletter, it was at the same time that mail-away newsletters were on the decline. Email became the fastest way to connect to people and e-newsletters became real popular. As time went on, most folks stopped sending newsletters and created blogs. A few years later, social media started being the chosen way of communication and marketing. As a result, newsletters were on the brink of being extinct.

Don’t get it wrong. I do all the above. However, I am real old school. So, I keep my newsletter going for a number of reasons:

It’s affordable and cost-effective

Even though there are several well-known email marketing services out there, such as MailChimp and iContact –  I like to use Constant Contact. I pay a small monthly fee that is based on the number of subscribers I have. When I do the math, I realize I get a return on my investment if even one or two individuals buy any of my products or book me for a speaking engagement or seminar.

It lets me stay in touch

I attempt to send out a newsletter at least every month. If I attempted to do so any more times, I could be called annoying. If I don’t send one out at least every month, it isn’t worth the energy it takes or the money I put out for the service.