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How to Market Your Poetry Book Online (Part III)

Twitter limits your post so keep it short and sweet. 


With posts limited to just 280 characters, you’ll have to pick your words carefully to effectively use this medium which is right up your alley as a poet. Don’t forget that you’ll use up a number of characters if you desire to link to your website. 

Moral of the story: proceed frugally. If you are linking your post to another site, be sure to use a link-shortening service like can handle a long URL address and lessen it to just a few characters, freeing up important real estate on your limited character allowance.

Don’t forget to use hashtags. These can make a big difference in how many folks see your tweet. A hashtag is used to display what the post is about or related to, preceded by the pound sign (#poetrynovels). Every hashtag has its own Twitter address, so folk interested in poetry, for instance, may simply visit #poetry and look at all of the posts with this hashtag. 

Using many relevant hashtags is critical to a successful Twitter presence. If you’re giving away a Kindle deal for your book, make sure to add the hashtag #kindledeals so readers look there for affordable books.

Here are some pertinent hashtags:


PoetrySlam is a subreddit is for only slam poetry. Talk about slam or share slam poems. The site only accepts poems in video or audio format.

PoetryCritics is a community for constructive feedback and criticism for all types of poetry. Also, it is an excellent community of writers with various contests and prompts each week. With over 11,000 members, a response is surely guaranteed.

Books are a moderated subreddit to encourage and foster in-depth discussion about all things related to authors, books, genres, or publishing in a supportive, safe environment.


How to Market Your Poetry Book Online (Part II)

These groups are full of people who read and write poetry so you have a good chance of producing your masterpiece. 

Poetically Inclined – The website states that this group is for anyone who enjoys writing or reading poetry. Don’t let this be just another group that you join. Post your poetry here and comment on other poets’ work.  

If you’re feelin’ the group, then invite people. This is a free speech and safe space speech zone. Folks can post anything they want as long as it doesn’t break the rules. The group does dissuade self-promotion, so don’t just post your poetry and never come back. 

That Poetry Place – This forum bills itself as an enthusiastic community of writers and readers where anyone can share their artwork, writing, thoughts, or videos relating to spoken word. The only rules are to keep it poetry and respect all.

Facebook Poetry Society – The Facebook Poetry Society calls itself the top poetry group on Facebook, where you can bring anything poetic. The forum asks that you be kind in words.

Poetry Universe – Poetry Universe welcomes all writers and poetry lovers. Group members ask that you read and comment on the poetry of those posting. 

Worldwide Poetry – This is an invitation-only group, go to the site for details on how to join.


Reddit is an actionable community separated into convenient “subreddits,” prefixed by the letter “r.” This lets you advertise to a wider audience like r/books or to a more specific community, like r/PoetrySlam. Every page or “subreddit” is really just a chat space that focuses on a specific subject. Visitors can suggest a topic or just respond to comments that others have posted. The more folks who respond, the higher on the page that discussion goes. Here’s Reddit’s description:

Once you make an account, be sure to look at the right sidebar on each subreddit you visit, where you’ll find related subreddits as well as the page rules. Some pages permit self-promotion, some firmly forbid it, and others have special threads or times for self-promotion.

How to Market Your Poetry Book Online (Part I)

Find some poetry groups and engage with them.

You did it, your book of poetry is completed. It’s worthy of celebration. But if you have dreams of setting your laptop aside and thinking about the beauty of life, think again. As a self-published author, the truth is that you’ll be busier than ever, searching for ways to advertise your poetry online.

When it comes to poetry books, there are numerous groups with a commitment to the genre. Your job is to find these groups and engage with them. But when using social media, it’s vital that members feel you are a devoted participant and not someone just interested in promotion. 

So, join the conversations going on in each forum and once you’ve established yourself, you can let members know of your book and even craft special offers and promotions.

Below are some useful resources. 


Facebook is invaluable for a poet marketing looking for affordability. You’ll want to start by creating a business page devoted to your poetry book. Then comes the hard part: getting folks to like your page. There are numerous webinars, books, and blogs devoted to how to do this, and Facebook has a simple step-by-step guide to help you out with this.

Be cautious: Facebook has become monetized, which means that while you can reach a small segment of your Facebook friends with a post, you’ll have to pay to reach a larger audience. Facebook calls this “boosting” your post.

Once you post something on your page, Facebook will ask you if you’d like to boost the post. If you say “yes,” a box will come up asking you to decide how much you would like to spend and telling you how far your reach will go based on how much you spend. 

Once “boosted,” Facebook will send the item out to like-minded pages, where it will be seen on those timelines. It’s a sure way to get your book on the feeds of folks interested in poetry and to start reaching out to folks beyond your inner circle.

Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Podcast on Social Media (Part II)


Tease the Audience

Podcasters share a little tease of their podcast 24 hours before the episode goes live. They will share fun facts about their podcast guests, things that they discovered about the subject of their newest podcast or share a 15-second clip of the podcast. Sharing a tease will raise your listener’s anticipation for a new episode.

Use your social media platforms to your advantage and reshare your podcasts.


Reshare your podcast episodes on social media. Sharing episode updates on your social media channels is crucial. Remember, everyone is united through a social media channel. There is so much content going through everyone’s social feed that there is a chance that your update was missed. Sharing many times a day or a couple of times a week increases the chances that your post will be seen by your followers.

Use Stories to Your Advantage

Since the launch of Snapchat’s story feature, you have a new behind the scenes look into your favorite TV shows or celebrities. Now, Instagram has the same feature, improving the way our favorite brands use the feature. This is the best tool you can use to give your viewers real-time updates, but also a behind the scenes look into what goes into making a new podcast episode.

Launch Day

If this is your first time recording and presenting a podcast, you should record two or three more episodes. When you’re new to the podcast world, you want to offer your listener a preview of what your future episodes will be about and the topics that you will cover. Having a few episodes available after your first launch will give listeners the chance to listen to you more. 

By having more episodes on launch date, this will aid you in knowing if your first episode was a success. If folks continue listening to the other episodes, you will have an inkling of how huge your audience is.



Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Podcast on Social Media (Part I)

Podcasts are becoming more popular.

Podcasts have been slowly, but gradually increasing their listening audience. Since 2015, over 70% of Americans over the age of 12 listen to a podcast at least once a month. As a result, there has been a 17% increase in podcast listeners every year. Since then, numerous media businesses and digital startups have been investing in podcasting.

A podcast channel is a good way to increase your network. It helps increase credibility, visibility, and respect for you in the sector you’re in. Also, podcasts assist you in expanding your connections and have the chance to meet individuals you admire in the industry. Podcasts are gradually taking over the digital world. If you want to start your own channel, here are a couple of pointers on advertising your podcast episodes and channel.

Social Media Promotion

As you know, social media is a crucial part of our daily lives. We get our products, news, entertainment, and events through the web. We’re essentially linked to one another 24/7. Advertising your new podcast on social media is not that difficult. You just have to realize where to begin, make a schedule and stick to it.

Share Episode Updates

It’s critical that each time you create a new episode and upload it, you share an update on your social media accounts. This update lets your followers know that there is fresh content on your channel. Be sure to include the link to your episode in your update. It directs the listener to go right to your episode and begin listening.

Pin Your Episode to Your Page

No, I don’t mean pin as in Pinterest. If you pin your episode to your Twitter or Facebook page, it gives your newest episode more visibility. The pinned episode will be placed on the top of your page and will not be moved, even though you share regular updates. This guarantees that your latest pinned post will be the first thing that a visitor sees when they come to your social media page.


Best Places to Promote Your Music Online (Part III)

Try uploading your music to Spotify.

Upload your music to Spotify

One of the best desktop and mobile apps in the world, Spotify takes the listening experience to a higher level. Spotify has practically every recorded artist in their libraries, so you definitely want to be there as well. With their super-amazing discovery tool for finding new artists, your channel could get linked with bigger names that play similar music.

Use Hashtags on Twitter (@TwitterMusic)

Twitter is the ideal place for music fans to find their new favorite band. Give them the chance to find you first by using popular hashtags like #rap, #jazz or the music style of your liking when tweeting out new tunes. Additionally, keep an eye out for hot music hashtags like #MusicMonday and #NewMusicFriday when working your band’s twitter account for more exposure.

Find Music Blogs

Music blogs long ago surpassed magazines like Rolling Stone as the experts on the best of what’s next in the music world. That means that having a popular music blogger post your latest music, hype your next show or even review your album will get you some true street cred, and some true new fans. Numerous bloggers have their email addresses or social channels listed on their posts, so try getting in touch with them with a short intro and a link to one of your songs. 

Begin by researching popular music blogs in your area and send the bloggers your EPK with a solid professional email intro. A post on a blog in your city or town can help you obtain a devoted local fanbase. The best blog for your music will vary from genre to genre, but Pitchfork, Stereogum, DatPiff and The A.V. Club are some of the top ones. 

Expose your Music with Dozmia

Similarly to sites, we listed above, the mobile app Dozmia works by suggesting new music based on artists and songs and that users already like. Why Dozmia? Being a new player on the scene, musicians have the advantage of getting in on the action early by using Dozmia’s targeting music pairings. 


Best Places to Promote Your Music Online (Part II)

Keep your audience by promoting your ticket shows. 

Promote your Shows on Bandsintown & Songkick

One of the main reasons you got into music, to begin with, was to play in front of an audience. Help ensure that your next show is played to a full house by promoting your shows on ticket buying channels such as Songkick and Bandsintown. With location-based targeting, Bandsintown lets site viewers find the hottest shows in their area.

As an added bonus, linking your Songkick or Bandsintown accounts to your Wix Music site automatically updates any new tour dates and lets you purchase tickets on your website without lifting a hand.

Create your own YouTube Channel

Artists that you’ve possibly heard of such as Karmin, Justin Bieber, and The Weeknd have one thing in common: they were all discovered on YouTube. If you’re wanting to get your music to the masses, you best believe that you need a YouTube channel to get you going.

Host your Music on Apple Music 

The default music service for all Apple products, Apple Music is highly regarded for hosting the largest online music library in the world. The new Apple Music service goes one step better being the online place for your digital music collection. They want to aid people in finding new tunes based on what they’re already listening to. This could be you and your band.

Familiarize yourself with Reddit Music

The homepage of the underground, Reddit is perhaps the largest thing on the internet. You might not know this, but a lot of viral things you see online were on Reddit first, and that’s why musicians should familiarize themselves with the Reddit Music platform. The grassroots-style community for content sharing lets musicians get a true feel for how their music is being noticed by audiences. Be aware, hardcore users can be harsh on newbies. Just be authentic and you’ll be okay.

Best Places to Promote Your Music Online (Part I)


It’s no earth-breaking news that the web has changed the music industry for good. Technologies such as streaming, file sharing, social media, and eCommerce are giving artists more chances to expose their music to bigger audiences and raise their fan base. The downside of having so many choices is that picking the best ways to advertise your music online can be challenging.

To help you make solid choices, here is a list of the most effective and popular online hangouts you should join to get the word out about your music. Here are some ways to advertise your music online:

Post your music on a YouTube channel.

  • Get your own YouTube Channel
  • Create your Music Website with Wix Music
  • Promote your Shows on Bandsintown & Songkick
  • Find Music Blogs
  • Host your Music on Apple Music
  • Familiarize yourself with Reddit Music
  • Upload your music to Spotify
  • Use Hashtags on Twitter (@TwitterMusic)
  • Spread your Music with Dozmia
  • Create your Music Website with Wix Music 

When it comes to advertising your music online, Wix Music doesn’t skip a beat. An all-incorporating online marketing solution, Wix Music has you covered with all the tools that are necessary for you to advertise, sell and give out your music online.

Sell your music 100% commission-free, right from your website. Easy music sales translate to more money in the bank.

Spread your music to more than 120 of the most popular music channels on the internet without having to leave your Wix account. Give your tunes to top online stores and streaming services such as Google Play, Spotify, Rdio and more.

Would you like to promote your gigs? Wix Music provides seamless integrations with BandsInTown or Songkick so you can advertise your shows and sell tickets right from your website. You can also sell your merchandise by adding an online store to your website. 


Best Online Businesses Ideas for Kids (Part II)


Build Wooden Birdhouses, Bird Feeders, or Flower Planters

These projects let your kids promote nature and preserve the earth. Made from a kit or from scratch, every child can create their own color patterns and distinct designs.

Pros: For children interested in woodworking, this offers them an outlet for their talent. This project usually requires an adult’s help which teaches children cooperation and teamwork.

Cons: Making wooden products from scratch necessitates power tools and help from an adult. Look online for pre-cut kits that you only need paint and glue. Heavy products might be pricey to ship.

Children can sell their artwork online.

Sell Artwork

Sell artwork like painted ceramics, prints, or sculptures. Talented artists can make custom paintings from a photo given by the customer. Another choice is making many copies of one print to sell entirely online.

Pros: Instead of just decorating their bedroom walls, artistic children use their talents to make money. They share their skills with others in a profitable online job.

Cons: Children must have exceptional talent to have success in selling art. Specific types of art necessitate a huge workspace and make a huge mess. The artwork has to be packed carefully to avoid breakage in shipment.

Online businesses for children can be educationally rich and financially lucrative experiences as they are really different from normal jobs for children. Kids learn fundamental business and budgeting principles that help them in all phases of life. With pride, they will spend their own money to buy a new toy or pay for college. 

An online business also helps children give back to their community when they give a portion of their profits to local charities. For skilled and motivated children, running an online business gives them an outlet for their talent while grooming them for the real world they have to navigate as adults.

Best Online Businesses Ideas for Kids (Part I)


Kids can get hands-on business education when they run their own business. With a good internet connection, shipping materials, a digital camera, and a few hours each week, nearly any child can earn money with an online job.

Sell Crafts

For children who enjoy assembling craft kits or knitting scarves, this business choice lets them make money from their hobby. Many online stores such as Etsy or eBay let users sell handmade items to customers around the globe.

Pros: Numerous affordable craft kits can be bought from local craft stores. Assembled with care, these kits change into attractive products. Children can cut costs by buying supplies in bulk from online sources.

Cons: Etsy obliges users to be over the age of 18, so children will need an adult partner. The time requirements to finish complex crafts usually outweigh the financial benefits. To make some money, children have to pick simple crafts that need little time to finish.

Making jewelry is not only fun for kids but it can earn them some money too.

Design and Assemble Jewelry

Friendship bracelets, necklaces, earrings, or ankle bracelets are simple to make and sell. With the popularity of jewelry making, children should be able to find jewelry-making products and tools with ease.

Pros: This business suits children of practically any age and necessitates little adult supervision. Customers can simply purchase jewelry online and jewelry ships easily with little cost.

Cons: Children must keep the supplies organized to keep the materials from getting lost or tangled. Little parts can be choking hazards for younger brothers or sisters.

Sew Clothing or Fabric Accessories

Fashionable, hip children will flourish in this business. Designs include putting colorful patches to shirts or jeans, designing matching wallets and handbags, outfitting pets with socks or sweaters, or fixing vintage clothing.

Pros: Every human wear clothing, so this business hypothetically includes a good return on investment. Customers will love the customized product they get.

Cons: These orders will be difficult to sew in advance because of the multiple sizes of clothing. Fabric is pricey, so the product’s price will have to reflect the cost of the sewing materials.