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The Importance of Market Research for Any Size Business

Business market research is the technique of gathering data to decide if a particular service or product will fulfill the needs of your customers. With good market research, your business can get valuable information about your economic shifts, demographics, market trends, and customers’ spending traits.

If you don’t know precisely what market research is, and what types of businesses need market research, then read on for answers.

Market research entails two types of research, primary and secondary. Practically every business type needs market research in order to thrive.

Market research is an important way to create a precise roadmap for your business on how to function.

It helps you in making educated decisions, trains you for shifts in your industry, as well as assists you in keeping up to date with the current trends.

Effective market research is all about discovering the right answers to the right questions. Subjects are:

  • Your target
  • Your competitors
  • Your problems and solutions

Get to know your audience and create your communication strategy and solution based on it.

  • Your customers desires and needs
  • Your customers’ consumer behaviors and how to engage with this group

Check out your competitors and the brands that you respect.

  • What are they doing and how are they relating to their customer base
    • What can you offer better to bring that customer base to you

Understanding the personality of your customers:

  • Ensuring to focus on their goals and frustrations and goals when creating your solutions.
  • Craft a value proposition and stay true to your word. No fake promises! Nothing kills a business and its reputation quicker than those.

When it comes to the discovery phase of a business market research plan, there is an investigation of your company to find out basis information like target audience, business goals, and USP. Your competition is also investigated.

Your customers might be surveyed to know your services and products from their perspective.

You Need a Digital Marketing Strategy ASAP!

Here an idea: Use a digital marketing strategy to support your digital transformation!

Where do you begin when you want to craft a digital marketing strategy? It’s a shared challenge since numerous businesses understand how crucial mobile and digital channels are today for retaining and acquiring customers. Still, they don’t have a united plan to engage and increase their audiences successfully. So, they are suffering and losing to their competition. Developing a digital marketing strategy, an effective one, can remedy this for you.

The trials and tribulations of creating a digital marketing strategy

I have learned over the years that a common difficulty is where to begin forming your digital marketing plan. I believe there is a dread that a huge report is necessary. However, it is lean preparation that works effectively. Your plan doesn’t have to be a massive, multi-page report. A strategy can, at best, be summed up in a couple of sides of A4 in a table uniting digital marketing strategies to objectives. It is suggested to make a lean digital plan based on a 90-day plan to execute your digital plan quickly to increase traction.

Another trial is the sheer scale and scope of digital marketing. There are numerous digital marketing methods going from social, email, and search marketing to enhancing the digital experience of your website for visitors. When you have a planning framework, you can identify a more controllable number of digital marketing activities which include the complete customer journey.

Within every digital marketing technique, there are several detailed strategies that are critical to success. This is why each one should be prioritized and evaluated. For example, from energetic web content for email automation, programmatic to website personalization, skyscraper content for organic search to re-targeting, everything has a place and serves a purpose in your digital marketing strategy plan.

Cold Calling is Dead; Digital Marketing is Alive and Well

Just to keep it real, cold calling is dead and digital marketing is alive and well. It has taken over as the top method for generating leads. Here are just a couple of reasons why folks seem to like digital marketing to the ancient skill of cold calling.

  • Most people aren’t content answering calls from strangers. If they don’t recognize your number, they won’t pick up.
  • If someone does answer, why should they trust you? They have no reason to with all the phones scams going on.
  • There’s no incentive to call you back.
  • Most folks don’t expect quality professionals to be still doing cold calls.

Most humans, if not all, are online. With digital marketing, you can connect with anyone anywhere in the free world.

There aren’t any limits when you’re considering demographics, geographic, or language.

Even the number of seniors (55 and over) online has risen by over 80%. The bottom line is if you are seeking to reach a target market, you most certainly can do it via the internet.

With cold calling, you want folks to trust you without giving them a reason to. This technique has always been difficult, but even more so today. If they can find proof of your skills online, people are more likely to come to you.

Since people are used now to finding what they want on the internet, it’s easier to attract them to you.   You can create trust by putting useful content on your website, social media pages, and blogs.

Remember, cold calling is just you reaching out on a one to one basis. It relentlessly limits the number of individuals you can reach at a time. Even the top cold callers can only make a couple of hundred calls per day. Digital marketing offers you the opportunity to increase your reach exponentially.

Bring More Aesthetic Appeal to Your Instagram Account

Do you realize that Instagram has over 600 million active monthly users? Amazing! No wonder the question I get asked the most is, “How do I increase my followers on this mega photo-sharing network?”

To help, here are some successful Instagram management and growth tips. While they don’t ensure you will be a success overnight, they will at least bring you a continual growth in followers. The problem is, many folks don’t want to put in the work necessary to manage an Instagram audience every day that produces true business results.

They want easy and fast tips for quick results. You want to hear a well-known secret? That sort of slothfulness gives you an Instagram account with plenty of followers but not plenty of engagement, not to mention few sales.

Post on Instagram every day one to three times

The top technique in producing solid business results with Instagram is to be present on it. That’s not a huge surprise. But how frequent should you be posting on Instagram? That all depends on your objectives. The Instagram accounts with the biggest followings are posting over 90 a month. When you do the math, that’s roughly around 3 times a day.

If you want to bring in a very big audience, you should be posting a lot of times a day, seven days a week. You really don’t have to post three times a day.

The worst thing you can do is buy Instagram followers. These folks will never truly engage with you or your content.

You may find an increase in your comments. However, true customers will see right throw those vague comments. Also, if you buy followers and Instagram finds out, your account will be banned. Then you will lose access true and fake followers. This puts a big hurt on your marketing plans.

An Email Newsletter – Your Most Effective Marketing Tool

If you questioned me about my #1 marketing tool, my response might astonish you. It’s my email newsletter. Yes, that thing that most business folks dumped a long time ago.

Some folks think that it takes too much time to write a newsletter. It mostly likely will end up in someone’s junk or spam folder. This could be true. However, I beg to differ. I have earned plenty of money (thousands) by sharing by advice, tools, and tips.

When I began writing my newsletter, it was at the same time that mail-away newsletters were on the decline. Email became the fastest way to connect to people and e-newsletters became real popular. As time went on, most folks stopped sending newsletters and created blogs. A few years later, social media started being the chosen way of communication and marketing. As a result, newsletters were on the brink of being extinct.

Don’t get it wrong. I do all the above. However, I am real old school. So, I keep my newsletter going for a number of reasons:

It’s affordable and cost-effective

Even though there are several well-known email marketing services out there, such as MailChimp and iContact –  I like to use Constant Contact. I pay a small monthly fee that is based on the number of subscribers I have. When I do the math, I realize I get a return on my investment if even one or two individuals buy any of my products or book me for a speaking engagement or seminar.

It lets me stay in touch

I attempt to send out a newsletter at least every month. If I attempted to do so any more times, I could be called annoying. If I don’t send one out at least every month, it isn’t worth the energy it takes or the money I put out for the service.

Reasons Why Your Online Business isn’t Flourishing (Part 2)

Not make the most of the social media in your marketing operations

The space on the internet is competitive. However, you have a great chance if your product is distinct, and you know how to work social media in your favor. In reality, it isn’t enough to have a great product. You have to have the right individuals see it. And because your potential customers use social media apps, you must do the same.

It is really a surprise to see a business that doesn’t have a Facebook or Twitter account.

When you put well-place tweets on your page, talk about your product or service, elaborate on its abilities and features, you increase interest and teach people what may be expected from you.

Being present on social media keeps your potential customers interested and willing to find out more about what you have to offer.

Want to take a more direct approach to your business? Things like targeted Facebook ads are getting quite popular and create incredible results in demographic precision and the conversion to sales/customer category.

You don’t stay with what works

Let’s consider for a minute that you’re getting plenty of sales with your Facebook ad campaigns. However, you aren’t getting any love with your Instagram page. Your website blog isn’t receiving any real traffic either. What do you need? Create more ads! Vary your targets and get into new territories.

For example, if your ads are working well for t-shirt sales when you targeted young Latino males, then you might want to target young White and Black males too. The point is to enhance what works for you and make sure you milk it for all you can. It doesn’t take a whole new marketing campaign to increase sales and customers. Just expanding on what you’re already doing.

There are times when putting all your eggs in one basket is the way to go.

Reasons Why Your Online Business isn’t Flourishing (Part 1)

Internet businesses are here to stay. Based on numerous reports, there were over four billion internet users. This comes to over 50% of the world’s population. Moreover, the report said that digital interactions swayed retail sales to over $3 trillion. One more mind-blowing fact: there are presently more than 975 million websites in today’s world.

I strongly feel that wherever internet traffic is, there are opportunities for business growth. But only business individuals who are correctly informed about the mechanisms of the internet business cycle will profit from these opportunities.

Simply put, while we are a part of the internet age, a huge number of businesses still don’t take full advantage of its prospects and aren’t utilizing the proper strategies. Here are some reasons businesses aren’t thriving as well as they could.

Not investing in online visibility

When considering internet businesses, one big deciding success factor which plenty of folks take for granted is their online visibility.

This translates to when talking about subjects that matter to your customers or business comes up, so does the name of your business.

It means your SEO is on point and that your website comes up when folks do an online search for whatever reason. Because of the competition, these objectives are at times a complex task when it comes to the huge number of sites vying for who gets ranked and seen on the big search engines like Google.

However, if you are a relatively new business, one more way you can bring your business that extra edge is by being listed on web directories like Local Botw and DirJournal Local, according to your business needs and niche.

This will equivalently help put your business at the highest point on the list, bringing you improved visibility.

Also, with billions of people on the web all over the world, the privacy and confidentiality of your customers is vital. If your competitors can get any of the information you share with your customers, including anything private, you have a huge issue.

Effective Web Design Techniques

In today’s gung-ho scenario, it is of significant importance to design an amazing website that would aid you in standing apart from the rest and being way ahead of your competitors.

A magnificently designed website unfortunately isn’t just enough. A solid website should help you build your brand and business strategy.

An effective team would be providing individualized web design concepts for exactly every project. Your website should match your business model. Regardless if your business is seeking a communication platform or sales driven website, proficient web designers today use appropriate tools to construct a site that really improves your online presence and really takes your business forward.

Thanks to the amazing increase in the number of mobile devices, approachable web designing is no longer a UX-only discipline. All marketing professionals need to realize and consider responsive web designing as a part of their strategic planning. It may not be necessary for you as a content pro to understand all the tricks of the development and designing of a responsive web. Nonetheless, you should know what precisely RWD is. Also, you should know your precise content marketing responsibilities.

The web world is said to have experienced some technological changes and responsive web design is at the front as far as web content specialists are concerned. Responsive web design suggests you can write content and publish it too. The layout essentially changes based on the abilities and size of the device.

It is a great idea to keep factors like color, layout or font the same in your site. Your site should have a smooth flow from one page to the next. This means that your layout, color, and font, color should be essentially the same throughout your site to have consistency. It is vital to keep the elements across all pages uniform so that visitors don’t feel lost.

The Benefits of Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Using online distributions techniques to promote products is called digital marketing. This approach is time saving and affordable. Digital marketing is accomplished through things like:

  • cell phones
  • social media sites  (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)
  • websites
  • emails
  • digital billboard

Digital marketing engages some of the methods of direct marketing and internet marketing. In digital marketing, conventional methods of promotions are accomplished digitally. It involves marketing in pull and push.

Pull digital marketing obliges the user to directly pull the content. The customer has to come to the promotional material and see the material by himself. Examples are websites and forums. All these require clicking on a URL to see the content. The content that is being shown doesn’t have to obey any guidelines. Effort is obliged to only display the content on the website or forum and there is no additional cost of giving the information to the customer, but the customer has to make the extra attempt of getting the content.

The customer doesn’t have to make a decision to buy for this kind of promotion and any message is being viewed by everyone and it can’t be personalized. The customers who see the content can’t be traced, although the click through rate can be contemplated, which give information about the number of clicks the message got. This is to be done by permitting the click though tracking during the campaign that records the information.

Push digital marketing technologies necessitates the work of the marketer and the customer. The marketer has to “push” or send the content to the customer and the customer has to make the attempt of getting it. This is quite an efficient way of marketing and the investments definitely earn a big return as it establishes brand recognition. Emails and RSS podcasting are illustrations of push digital marketing.

Let Mobile Marketing Work for Your Business

Let Mobile Marketing Work for Your Business



We live in a new and enhanced digital age. For any sort of business desiring to be affordable in this market, modifications in reaching the consumer must be made. Mobile marketing is even more of a requirement now, since numerous customers accessibility information through their mobile phones.

Link to particular components of your website. If you are having an unique sale on one component of your website, you must connect directly to that website. Mobile websites can occasionally be tough to navigate, but if you offer customers direct accessibility, they are more probable to put in the time to look, and also potentially buy.

Make sure to let the recipient know who you are and what you have to offer right from the beginning. If they doubt who you are and what exactly it is that you are supplying to them, you are going to have a difficult time attempting to get them to spend any of their money.

Anytime, you are doing a mobile advertising and marketing, you want lots of people as possible to know about this. Put the information on flyers, blog about it on your blog, put it on social-networking sites, and also create unique company cards for the event. The even more people that understand about it, the more consumers you will have.

Focus on a new sort of SEO for your mobile advertising project. SEO in the mobile market actually focuses mainly on making use of one search engine, as well as highlights your place more than normal search engine optimization.

When embarking on a mobile advertising campaign,  bear in mind that most people seek companies in their location. Put in keyword phrases in your advertising that let’s a prospective customer recognize your location and then target the largest marketing audience possible.

With the suggestions and guidance in this article, you could  grow your company with the use of mobile advertising. Doing so could have the potential to broaden your customer base and your potential for financial growth. If you intend to be a true competitor for the consumer dollar, mobile marketing has to be an offering on your advertising and marketing plate.