Internet Marketing for the Visually Impaired (Part II)

Adding audio options to the navigations on your website is a huge help to those who have visual impairments.

What is Visual Impairment?

Total blindness is not having the inability to tell dark from light. Low vision is a severe reduction in vision that can’t be corrected with contact lenses or standard glasses. Legal blindness is central vision corrected at 20/200 or worse or a visual field that is not greater than 20%. This is also called tunnel vision. Many people have difficulty reading normal print and are reporting their vision worsening to the point of requiring large print or audio.

Label All Buttons and Links

If you label links and buttons on your site to say exactly what they are, for example, ‘search’ or ‘home’, then visually impaired people can decide what they are. They can use a screen reader reading the label out loud or with magnification software.

Labeling of buttons and links mean that visually impaired don’t have to push buttons without knowing what they are. If you do use the labeling of buttons, then the visually impaired can move around your website easily.

Have an Audio Option for Captcha Verification

If you use captcha verification on your website for people that want to interact with it, you have to consider the possibility of adding an audio option.

Screen readers can’t read graphics and are usually hard for people with impaired vision to see.

Having an audio option for captcha verification offers an alternative to the visually impaired while still sustaining your website’s security.

If no audio option is available, the visually impaired will just click away from your site since there isn’t any alternative way to complete such tasks.

Add Alt Text to Images

Adding Alt Text to images on your site is possibly the best and most efficient way to make your content accessible to the visually impaired.

However, you may be surprised by the number of blogs and websites that don’t do it.

Describing what is in the image aids the visually impaired in building a picture and interpret it in their own way, meaning being more engaged with your posts.

Changes You Must Make for Voice Search Optimization (Part I)

Most folks recall when Siri first came out in 2011.

The technology was a novelty, a nice tool to test out, with at times informative and at times laughable answers to voice queries.

Not many individuals thought it would become a huge trend in the future.

But voice search has developed plenty since then.

Now there is an assortment of voice-activated technologies on the market such as Alexa, Google Assistant, and Cortana.

People use voice search on their mobile devices, and over 430 million voice assistants have been purchased.

People now use voice assistants a lot more than they used to, mainly for commands like call Dad or tell me the temperature. However, there’s still plenty of growth potential for search marketing too.

That’s mostly due to the AI technology behind voice search that has grown immensely more precise. According to studies, voice recognition accuracy has grown over 97%.

Voice recognition software like the one pictured is found on many devices that people use every day.

The Advantages of Voice Commands for Search

As voice recognition technology grows more versatile and accurate, users are starting to see more of the advantages of using voice commands for search.

According to research, here are some of the main reasons people use their voice-activated speakers:

  • It lets them easily multitask.
  • It allows them to do things quicker than other devices.
  • It gives them instant information and answers.
  • It makes their daily routine simpler.

Voice Commands

Voice commands are a good tool when you’re cooking and want to check a recipe but your hands are covered in batter. It’s also a well-liked hands-free method to receive local business info while driving.

At the same time, practically anyone can ask a question out loud quicker than they can type it, particularly when using a mobile device.

While many folks today are still learning the advantages of using voice search to get information, it’s growing to be a valuable tool to streamline the search process and rapidly get answers without stopping your other daily tasks.