Just to keep it real, cold calling is dead and digital marketing is alive and well. It has taken over as the top method for generating leads. Here are just a couple of reasons why folks seem to like digital marketing to the ancient skill of cold calling.

  • Most people aren’t content answering calls from strangers. If they don’t recognize your number, they won’t pick up.
  • If someone does answer, why should they trust you? They have no reason to with all the phones scams going on.
  • There’s no incentive to call you back.
  • Most folks don’t expect quality professionals to be still doing cold calls.

Most humans, if not all, are online. With digital marketing, you can connect with anyone anywhere in the free world.

There aren’t any limits when you’re considering demographics, geographic, or language.

Even the number of seniors (55 and over) online has risen by over 80%. The bottom line is if you are seeking to reach a target market, you most certainly can do it via the internet.

With cold calling, you want folks to trust you without giving them a reason to. This technique has always been difficult, but even more so today. If they can find proof of your skills online, people are more likely to come to you.

Since people are used now to finding what they want on the internet, it’s easier to attract them to you.   You can create trust by putting useful content on your website, social media pages, and blogs.

Remember, cold calling is just you reaching out on a one to one basis. It relentlessly limits the number of individuals you can reach at a time. Even the top cold callers can only make a couple of hundred calls per day. Digital marketing offers you the opportunity to increase your reach exponentially.