WestJet wants to allow its flyers to use their own devices.

On-board – Experience marketing is vital (continued)

WestJet wants to take their on-board experience a step further and partnered up with Panasonic Avionics Corp. to put in an entertainment system that lets airline guests use their own devices to access the media library wirelessly. According to WestJet, over 74% of travelers bring their own web-enabled devices on board. Several of them want to continue using those devices seamlessly while utilizing the airplane’s system to watch additional content.

Digital marketing is no longer just for desktops. Today, folks need to be connected at all times. Give them access to your online content on their own devices when and where they want it the most. Your thoughtfulness will be appreciated and folks will be much more inclined to buy other services when they are using a safe and familiar device.

At the Destination – Additional services mean repeat sales 

Before going on vacation, most folks research the place they’re going to visit. Once they get to the destination, the search for the best places to visit continues. Luckily, the power of Wi-Fi lets travelers use their devices anywhere from the hotel room to touristic attractions to coffee shops.

As a result, planning any trip becomes as easy as going to a review website and picking the next destination point. Getting competition from Airbnb and their Neighborhoods Local Travel Guides, big hotel chains are also seeing the need to increase the range of their offering to provide even more value to the customers.

Hotel Indigo, a part of Intercontinental Group, has a service that lets its customers explore the neighborhoods they are staying at by providing neighborhood guides. The mobile site version lets travelers see available content even when they’re not staying at one of the hotels. The guides have maps, useful information about local attractions and restaurants, hotel overviews and a Facebook linked photo-sharing tool.