Anything that heightens brand awareness has a good impact on SEO. Outside of being a solid revenue stream on its own, PPC is a remarkable way of making people aware of a company’s services or products.

This creates an early interest that over time turns into bigger brand searches and bigger brand + keyword searches.

You can utilize PPC to send folks to good-looking content pages. If those pages are capable, they can produce links and other quality signals that have an influence on SEO.

That’s an improved SEO strategy than just printing the content and not attempting to bring it to people.

Equally, brand building is doable via PPC. You can present new brand or even service ideas and products in reaction to keyword searches even if that might be a pricey approach.

Google will tell you that paid and organic search teams are totally separate and there’s no connection between advertiser spend/activity and organic search traffic/rankings.

Nonetheless, there’s likely to be an indirect benefit. Because of the fact that you’re building a brand, the more brand signals and trust you can have, the better for Google.

If PPC is a portion of your marketing mix, you’re apparently enhancing your audience through this channel, and in turn improving the chances that folks will return. This all aids towards forming a more multi-channeled and rounded strategy for your brand.

The most obvious is perceptibility. Even if you get the first position for the most wanted terms in organic search, it doesn’t ensure increased coverage for your site, particularly if you run a business in a competitive area.

Your online rivals will certainly bid for most of those keywords to lure at least some of the traffic. In these instances, when terms attract top-quality traffic, it absolutely makes sense to increase your exposure on Google.