Non-fiction and fiction books being promoted on all platforms. Some of these campaigns are truly successful in terms of creating awareness. Others fail. Effective marketing is what makes the difference.

Here are some suggestions on how to develop an effective social media marketing campaign for your book.

Writing to market is different than your usual writing.

Create Great Promotional Content

Most writers think that creating fan pages and interacting with the audience will be enough. It isn’t. You have to be the one instigating the interaction, and you’ll do that with good promotional content created on a consistent basis.

The issue with many professional writers is that they don’t understand how to write content for marketing. You just wrote an incredible book, but you have no inkling on how to create buzz.

If you’re having a difficult time with this portion of the process, you can always depend on a professional writer. Services such as RushMyEssay UK will link you with a writer and an editor, so you’ll get the help you need.

Begin a Facebook Contest

You want to show that you value your Facebook followers for upholding you on this journey. You can easily do that by giving away a few copies of your new book. Let them tell why they want the book and tag a friend who also wants a copy of the new book. You’ll send free copies for the fan and the friend they tagged.

This strategy works because it makes folks want your book, but it also pulls new possible readers towards your page.

The social media atmosphere is all about the visuals. Pay attention to all design phases, like shape, color, size, and arrangement. You need to find that special vibe that you’re going to spread through all your posts on social media. When folks see a new image, they should know it’s yours.