Offer to let people read a chapter from your book to get them hooked.

Offer a Free Chapter

In non-fiction writing, free chapters deliver deep insights into the whole essence of the content. Though, a free introductory chapter could also be a helpful marketing strategy for a fiction book.

When you decide to give away a free chapter of your book, spread the news all over social media. Ask your followers to become email subscribers at your website, so they can get the chapter. Remember to include tweet this buttons in strategic spots so the readers can share quotes and entice other social media users towards your book.

Share Photos of People Reading Your Book

This is another well-known strategy for authors advertising books on social media. When you launch the book, ask your followers to post a moment with it. Remember: they should use a special hashtag so you and all your followers can see the post.

You might put all these photos on Instagram or Facebook. This technique creates a sense of community around your book.

Use Medium

John Kim, the author of The Angry Therapist: A No BS Guide to Finding and Living Your Own Truth, is a good example of how you can use Medium for promoting yourself as an author. This platform lets you publish content and share it with a huge reading audience. It’s like forming a new blog, but the audience is already there. They are enthusiastic about spending time and energy to discuss your posts.

You don’t have to write heavy, deep promotional posts. You’ll share top-quality content corresponding to the niche of your book. That will initiate people’s interest in you, so they will take a look at your profile description. This, in turn, will lead them to your published work. 

Advertising on Social Media: Cost-Efficient and Affective.