You may be wondering: how can I successfully promote my book on social media platforms? You’re the writer, so you wrote it. Shouldn’t your marketing team and publisher be handling the rest? No. You have to be involved in this process to make it prosperous. If you’re a self-published author, you’re the one responsible for all promotional activities.

Get people reading your book by using hashtags.

Leverage the Power of the Hashtag

Putting the # in front of a word has interesting power. It can make your book noticeable and it can put a whole community around it. You have to be cautious with this method, though. No one wants to see a list of pointless hashtags under a post. Use hashtags relevantly and sparingly.

You can create a hashtag with the name of your book or with a certain concept that’s part of it.

It’s time for all writers to open up to the earth. Social media provides incredible opportunities for self-promotion. A smart campaign can make your book popular and elevate the sales numbers. That’s truly vital for your success as an author.

Begin an Instagram Campaign

Kino MacGregor, a yoga teacher with a large base of followers on Instagram, used this platform as the chief promotional tool for her book The Yogi Assignment. She made a separate Instagram page for the book, but she also advertised it via her personal profile.

Instagram offers many opportunities for successful promotion using tags, images, live videos, stories, comments, and connections. Use them to the best of your ability. 

With that being said, if you do the correct things on social you can almost ensure engagement, which aids in building your network and your brand.

Apps like ShareThis or AddThis have to appear with every post. ClickToTweet creates clickable tweets right in your content.

You also want to write content that inspires folks to share.