Here’s a guide to promoting your Shopify store.

This last part is the hard part, but it’s also the most satisfying.

At this point, you’ve got your store online, added some products, and boosted it with Shopify’s advanced features. All that’s left to do is attract some customers. 

If you’re beginning from scratch, this is typically a slow process. Those first customers are always the hardest to find and it can be exasperating.

 Using these tricks, you’re going to speed things up and get visitors flowing to your website.

Connect with Influencers

Use twitter to attract a bigger audience.

It’s hard to know where to begin when promoting your online store. Updating social media and blogging can feel pointless when you have a tiny audience.

That’s why connecting with influencers is so important. ‘Influencers’ are websites or individuals with a big online following. One Instagram post or tweet about your products can bring a flood of traffic to your website and increase that initial audience.

In some instances, influencers will charge a fee to advertise your product. For influencers with over a million followers, that fee can stretch to thousands of dollars.

Clearly, most of us don’t have thousands of dollars lying around. But take fashion site Bachlr as an example. They went from zero to 20,000 store visitors by asking Instagram influencers to advertise their products. Create a list of influencers in your niche and send them a friendly email and perhaps a free product.

Build an Instagram Audience

Normally, it’s recommended you have an all-around social media presence. But if you’re just beginning, try putting all your efforts into Instagram. Instagram users are more active, more engaged, and more responsive to brands than Facebook or Twitter.

Facebook is at a point of oversaturation with marketing. Moreover, their algorithm halts you from getting to your full audience without paying for it.