On the other hand, Instagram

Use a buy now button.

lets you get to a much bigger audience. You can use a ‘buy-now’ button next to every post. Ideal for online store owners.

Try posting amazing images of your products and then increase your following by interacting with Instagram users in your sector.

Create an Email List and Send to Regular Newsletters

Research has shown that out of all the channels that are available, email always outperforms all of them.

Email marketing is a topnotch way to get the same customers and incessantly drive sales. After all, the folks on your email list are your most involved customers. They’re the most likely to purchase from you.

Begin by collecting the email addresses from anyone who buys a product. Then put a signup form on your site to attain any customers who aren’t ready to purchase from you yet.

Write Incredible Content with Shopify’s Blog

If you’re not convinced by the power of blogging, remember this: over 60% of consumers have purchased something based on a blog.

That’s how strong content is for internet store owners. Not just that, but stores that blog get over 95% more inbound links which is vital for your Google ranking. Writing content helps entice new customers. It helps you connect with them and increase brand affinity. Most critically, you can push them towards the sell.

Begin by devoting yourself to one post a week that will resonate with your target audience. Maybe it’s a roundup post, product review, or list article.

 Put Some Money into Facebook Advertising

 All the methods so far are effective, but they are slow.

Social media, blogging, and connecting with influencers takes time. If you desire fast traffic, advertising is the fast fix you’re looking for.

Don’t Forget About the Real World

With Shopify, you can put your store into the real world. All you need is Shopify’s ‘Point of Sale’ card reader.