If you run a small business, having a Facebook page lets you get to folks among the over 700 million or so users around the globe who are most likely to be interested in your company, products, or services. Your communication on the social network gives customers the essence that they know you and your business, which can improve loyalty and make them more liable to recommend your company.

On Facebook you can definitely add features that are difficult to put on your website. You can create a custom page, run promotions and contests, and operate a little e-commerce shop. Also and most importantly, Facebook is FREE!!! Even if you pay for developer’s services or customized applications, it’s a method of advertising with a little price tag.

The possible reach of a Facebook page is vast since over 70% of users log in on a daily basis.

Facebook studies indicate that folks interact with their favorite Facebook brands more than on any other social network and are more likely to suggest a brand after being a fan of it on Facebook. Also, they are more likely to buy a product after being a fan. Additionally, anyone outside Facebook can see your Facebook page since search engines index it.

Before making your Facebook business page, you must make a personal Facebook profile. The individual in that profile is the creator of the business page. As a result, the Facebook business page doesn’t have a separate login from that of the individual user who made it.

Many folks are nervous about mixing their business information with their personal information. The two are separate. You’ll intermingle with the business page as the business, and on your personal profile as you. Now’s the time to give your business that much-needed boost with a Facebook business page.