Now that you’ve made a Facebook page for your business, you need to increase your fan base. However, before beginning, you must understand what your goals are. What do you want the fan page to achieve for your business? Getting a huge number of fans is fabulous, but you have to determine whether you’re happy with exposure alone or whether you want fans to become customers. Do you want your Facebook page to help you sell more services and products?

Having plenty of fans may not raise sales ASAP, but it should at least improve the strength of your brand via improved customer support, improved reputation management, and the changing of fans into advocates. Over time these strategies can increase sales. Your first goal, though, should be to increase your reach, offer pertinent information about your business, sway possible customers, show that you have authority in your field, and engross fans.

Invite Contacts and Friends to Become Fans

Begin by attracting fans. Facebook pages have a feature that lets you invite contacts to become fans of your new business page. Start at the edit page, click resources, and then pick tell your fans.

You can search your email accounts for people using Facebook or upload a contact file. Your contacts file should be in the CSV format, and it can’t have over 5000 records. Some contacts will turn into fans of your page, while others will disregard the request. You should send the request only once. Or else, you risk irritating potential fans. You can, however, provide a reward or an incentive for becoming a fan.

Other ways of giving folks the chance to find out about your Facebook page include putting a link in your email signature, putting information about it on your website, marketing materials, business cards, or putting a sign up in your office.