These groups are full of people who read and write poetry so you have a good chance of producing your masterpiece. 

Poetically Inclined – The website states that this group is for anyone who enjoys writing or reading poetry. Don’t let this be just another group that you join. Post your poetry here and comment on other poets’ work.  

If you’re feelin’ the group, then invite people. This is a free speech and safe space speech zone. Folks can post anything they want as long as it doesn’t break the rules. The group does dissuade self-promotion, so don’t just post your poetry and never come back. 

That Poetry Place – This forum bills itself as an enthusiastic community of writers and readers where anyone can share their artwork, writing, thoughts, or videos relating to spoken word. The only rules are to keep it poetry and respect all.

Facebook Poetry Society – The Facebook Poetry Society calls itself the top poetry group on Facebook, where you can bring anything poetic. The forum asks that you be kind in words.

Poetry Universe – Poetry Universe welcomes all writers and poetry lovers. Group members ask that you read and comment on the poetry of those posting. 

Worldwide Poetry – This is an invitation-only group, go to the site for details on how to join.


Reddit is an actionable community separated into convenient “subreddits,” prefixed by the letter “r.” This lets you advertise to a wider audience like r/books or to a more specific community, like r/PoetrySlam. Every page or “subreddit” is really just a chat space that focuses on a specific subject. Visitors can suggest a topic or just respond to comments that others have posted. The more folks who respond, the higher on the page that discussion goes. Here’s Reddit’s description:

Once you make an account, be sure to look at the right sidebar on each subreddit you visit, where you’ll find related subreddits as well as the page rules. Some pages permit self-promotion, some firmly forbid it, and others have special threads or times for self-promotion.