Twitter limits your post so keep it short and sweet. 


With posts limited to just 280 characters, you’ll have to pick your words carefully to effectively use this medium which is right up your alley as a poet. Don’t forget that you’ll use up a number of characters if you desire to link to your website. 

Moral of the story: proceed frugally. If you are linking your post to another site, be sure to use a link-shortening service like can handle a long URL address and lessen it to just a few characters, freeing up important real estate on your limited character allowance.

Don’t forget to use hashtags. These can make a big difference in how many folks see your tweet. A hashtag is used to display what the post is about or related to, preceded by the pound sign (#poetrynovels). Every hashtag has its own Twitter address, so folk interested in poetry, for instance, may simply visit #poetry and look at all of the posts with this hashtag. 

Using many relevant hashtags is critical to a successful Twitter presence. If you’re giving away a Kindle deal for your book, make sure to add the hashtag #kindledeals so readers look there for affordable books.

Here are some pertinent hashtags:


PoetrySlam is a subreddit is for only slam poetry. Talk about slam or share slam poems. The site only accepts poems in video or audio format.

PoetryCritics is a community for constructive feedback and criticism for all types of poetry. Also, it is an excellent community of writers with various contests and prompts each week. With over 11,000 members, a response is surely guaranteed.

Books are a moderated subreddit to encourage and foster in-depth discussion about all things related to authors, books, genres, or publishing in a supportive, safe environment.