Pinterest is like a worldwide bulletin board. 


Pinterest is a site of theme-based, virtual bulletin boards. You can find boards on anything from fantasy art to craft beer to any kind of poetry book imaginable.

Every board has images of the topic at hand. Clicking on an image offers up more information. For instance, on a book board, if you click on the pic of a book jacket, that may take you to a review of the book, the book’s Amazon page, the author’s website, and so on.

The site is used for sharing information, though too much self-promotion is not encouraged. So, when you set up your Pinterest board, you might want to set up a board dedicated to a bigger topic, like self-published poetry or favorite haiku books and let others share their titles with you. Join in the fun of making interesting boards that not only promote sales but will also be engaging and fun to others.

Besides creating your own boards, make sure to explore other boards where you can share your images and unite with others in the poetry community.


One last platform to look at when promoting online is Goodreads. Goodreads is a website owned by Amazon that lets people freely search a huge user-populated database of annotations, books, and reviews. Users can sign up and register books to create reading lists and library catalogs. Also, they can create their own groups of surveys, polls, book suggestions, blogs, and discussions.

Read the Rules before Posting

Authors who only post promotions and don’t participate in discourse in the community will be thrown out.

Poetry Readers Challenge is the place for reviewing poetry collections. Group members frown upon folks coming only to sell their books. But, if you’re a lover of verse and a serious poetry reader, this is a solid group for you to become a part of.