Influencer marketing has become like word-of-mouth marketing today. As people typically trust people over brands, getting positive feedback or information about an experience or product from an influencer usually has more credibility and weight than if it comes from the brand itself.

Prospective customers are more likely to trust in other people’s testimony’s about your product than to rely solely on your brand. 

Though, this industry saw some tests in earlier years as brands struggled to find the right folks to promote their message and image. Today, AI is working to solve these problems by making influencer marketing a largely automated process. AI can perform an influencer-brand affinity evaluation by going through thousands of images quickly to pick certain influencers according to specific characteristics. Once an influencer has shared or posted content, AI can analyze the info of the post to see how well the post was received, and how well the brand and influencer match.

As for the influencer-brand relationship, AI can be schooled using current data to forecast what incentive works efficiently to inspire an influencer to post, and then proceed to provide this incentive at the correct moment. These advances let the influencer marketing procedure be quicker, less resource intensive, and more data-driven for improved business relationships and customer experience.

In the digital marketing landscape, 2019 is about getting the customer at the forefront of the digital marketing strategy in a more comprehensive way than was earlier possible. Personalized, thoughtful, marketing powered by big data, AI, and innovative tech will redefine the way brands communicate with customers and the world as a whole.

Pleasing a person with speech accessible, visually engaging, and conversational content are main trends informing the way brands will be positioning themselves in the future. In an industry usually filled with sensationalist talk around technology, this should offer brands and marketing specialist ideas of actionable and practical improvements that technology can give to their current digital strategies.