In all states of marketing, awareness is everything. Social media takes this subjective reality to the next level, because it’s always present and always evolving. For entrepreneurial folks looking to launch a social brand, a network’s tainted real or perceived image may be just as important as the published content.

Facebook transformed the world by altering the way folks communicate. With over three billion users, it’s now the world’s biggest social network. However, in the last few years, Facebook has been the object of a troubling pattern: diminishing usage among its young people.

The social network has become a place for older people to share jokes, inspirational quotes, and jokes. It’s also a place to get new memes. But this doesn’t signify that Facebook hast lost its value. As a matter of fact, over the years it’s only become more entrenched in society.

Now there’s Facebook Live. Yep, Instagram has its Live and Periscope on Twitter, but for many famous and political folks, media and brand outlets, Live is a way of joining with audiences at a personal level and this means folks of any age group.

Messenger, the Facebook messaging app and Whatsapp are the two most well-known mobile messenger apps around the globe. And not to mention the nearness when in times of crisis with its safety check when there are any sort of crises anywhere on earth.

So although we may not share as much on Facebook and feel we use other social media more, it still has a crucial voice and impact on society. MySpace, High5, Bebo and Friendster are in the past. Facebook lives on! Don’t get it twisted…Facebook will be around for a while. For those of us who love it, we’re so very, very happy.