With your firm’s website ranking like it’s supposed to, you’ll get more clients than ever before.

SEO Audit and Correct Any Mistakes

An SEO audit can reveal problems that are damaging your organic search visibility and website performance.

After performing an audit, and doing any necessary fixes, you’ll see your website traffic increase.

These are some typical errors we discover doing audits for law firms:

  • Overall bad advice from other marketing partners.
  • They never set up Google Search Console, so they can’t see if Google is having issues crawling and indexing the site.
  • Too many bad links have been made over the years and might not be disavowed.
  • Numerous unnecessary 301 redirects and broken links.
  • Not paying attention to website performance and page speed.
  • The website isn’t mobile-friendly or responsive.
  • No set up AMP versions of webpages.
  • Uncompressed images
  • Inconsistent NAP profiles on the web.
  • Numerous pages vying for similar keywords, resulting in cannibalization. This problem is gigantic.

How can so much go so wrong?

A huge number of law firms get a web designer to make their website. However, a web designer and SEO web developer are two different professions with two completely different skill sets.

So, if you plan on hiring a web design agency to construct your website, you also want to hire an SEO web developer who will make sure the website is coded accurately and accurately follows website navigation best practices.

Bonus tip: While you’re doing all your technical fixes, be sure to add Attorney schema to your site.

Schema can indirectly aid with your rankings since it helps Google better understand your pages, and it can help enhance targeting.

Foundational Content

The best way to get traffic is to rank well in search engines for the correct keywords, regardless if it’s for practice areas or specific locations.

To achieve this, you need a foundational content strategy.