Surveys after a case is settled is a good way to gain valuable feedback from your clients.

There are three types of content pages that will aid your ranking:

Primary: Content pages that target top-value keywords relevant to your practice areas.

Secondary: Content pages enhanced to rank for keywords relevant to your services.

Tertiary: Content pages that target long-tail keywords.

Answer Your Reviews

Consumers depend on online reviews when picking a lawyer.

One easy thing that law firms can do themselves is to answer reviews in a timely fashion.

This means answering both negative and positive reviews.

Google puts plenty of weight on reviews, so quickly answer any on Google.

If you can improve your rating, that should also influence the number of prospective clients who click on your website.

Email Strategy

Another good way to drive traffic is via email.

Here are some email campaigns types that work well in the legal sector:

New lead follow-up campaign: Show a client or a prospective client what the next steps are. You could show them a journey through your law firm with a video, explaining what the next steps would be or what’s involved when hiring a lawyer.

Lead magnet: Give away an e-book.

Capture reviews from past clients: As soon as someone’s case is settled, they should be put into an email campaign asking for a review or possibly taking a survey about their services. As mentioned in the last part, putting on more positive reviews can only aid in driving traffic to your site.

You might want to invest in a solid email management system, specifically one that is also a CRM and has the capability to create email autoresponder campaigns.

Last Thoughts

All of these things can assist you swiftly if you need more SEO visibility and traffic.

Out of all these options, you might want to begin with the SEO audit. You need to detect the health of your website before you begin adding any links or content.