Spread the word of Jesus Christ by promoting your ministry online. 

Ministry Marketing: How to Promote Your Ministry Online

Finding out how to promote your ministry online is one ministry marketing technique that can reap you amazing benefits. Jesus told us to go and make disciples. With current technology that going can be right in the comfort of our residence as we reach out with our computers using websites, videos, blogs, e-mail, and social marketing venues to spread the hope we have in Jesus Christ.

The fields are developed online. The Lord of the Harvest is coming soon. This could be your move, your call, to expand your ministry online.

Understanding how to advertise your ministry starts with some basic things to think about:

1) Pray. You will need His direction and guidance. One day of His favor is worth 10,000 days of labor. So, stay in right with God, praying to him always. He can give you strategies and wisdom to reach people in ways you would never have imagine possible. He can lead you on the path to the fulfillment of your vision.

3) Write out a purpose statement that includes your targeted audience. For instance, part of the purpose with your website is to share ministry marketing strategies using social media, video, and basic internet marketing training to school today’s Christian ministries how to use the web to promote their ministries and reach more individuals for the gospel. Another part of that purpose is to use video to encourage, inspire, and teach people how to be free, spiritually and financially, to go in the direction God has called them. You will help people to be released to their divine destiny.


2) Know your audience. This elementary principle is significant in learning how to advertise your ministry online. You will need to focus on a function within your targeted audience.