Online Marketing Ideas for Ministry
How to promote your ministry online will include:

* SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – this is the study of teaching folks how to use certain keywords and page titles so individuals will find your video ministry, website, or business. You can use powerful tools to learn which “keywords” someone may type to find something. When a person is searching for something online, you want them to find your page to this video, blog, or website.

E-mail marketing is a useful tool for promoting your ministry. 

* E-mail Marketing Strategies – If you know about internet marketing at all, you know the power of creating your “list.” E-mail can be one of the top tools for ministry. Marketing any ministry-related products (video series, e-books, teaching tools) you may have available.

* Video Marketing – A big part of this website is focused on this one fabulous marketing method. You submit a video one time and it can be sent quickly to social bookmarking sites, video sights, and podcasts.

* Basic Marketing Strategies – Elementary principles to internet marketing so you have the provision for the vision. This is a big category that includes using social media like Twitter and Facebook.

So, hang tight, push your sleeves up, and put your faith into action. Faith without works is dead. You understand that God has called you as a Christian. He can call you to be a preacher, musician, teacher, minister, or apostle. You will be where God wants you to be. 

You do not have to be a pro on the computer. Regardless of your finances, your ability or your tech challenges, you can do this. You are free to serve Him.

As you take steps toward your vision, God has an incredible way of bringing you to the point of your divine destiny.