SEO can increase your book sales.

SEO for authors may possibly bring book buyers to you!

You don’t need to be a pro on SEO to make it work for you and help you to sell your book.

The key to SEO for writers is not in taking years to learn how to painfully direct it to your advantage.

But rather to just keep in mind that zillions of folks use Bing, Google, and other search engines daily to find answers and information to questions they have.

SEO aids your digital marketing when your piece of content is in search results.

By knowing this, it is quite clear that practically none of these zillions of folks will use your book title or name to find your blog or website.

The main duty of SEO is to attract as many folks as possible to your blog or site. Then, with any luck, they will remain long enough to not only read your page or post but also see your book promotion widgets or book buy links.

Since SEO delivers folks who want information or answers, this means that a static site or page that is only about your book or books will not get search rankings. You won’t get any traffic from SEO.

SEO works best for blog articles

Though, when you create content in a blog post, it truly can attract site visitors if you are posting helpful information that is of value to readers.

In many cases, author websites get little visitor traffic at all. However, blogs receive lots of traffic, which helps with book marketing.

The reason is clear.

Blogs usually have plenty of posts covering plenty of topics which is fabulous for SEO.

If you use Google Analytics, you can track the most popular search terms that are bringing folks to your site.