We all know “that actor” on social media.

You know, the one who is constantly posting the links to their headshots, their shows, their demo reel, their everything. You’ve possibly been tempted to click the “unfollow” or “unfriend” button.

The fact is, you’re sick of your “friendship” being used as a promotional arena for someone else’s acting career. Social media can be an important valuable platform for your acting career if you use it the correct way.

Social Media Strategies to Boost Your Acting Career

Strategy #1: Brand Like A Boss

Okay, what is branding? Why do you need it as an actor?

In order to use social media to heighten your acting career, think of yourself as a brand.

Your brand is essentially your message as an actor. It’s what helps a casting director determine if you should audition. Your branding message is vital to your acting career.

You see, when a casting director is flipping through submissions, they have a very particular idea in mind, based on what the producers, the directors, and the studio have said they want.

Your visual branding message has to align with what the casting director intuition tells them is the correct fit for this part.

And if it does, that’s when they look at your resume and headshot and go, “You’re precisely what I’m looking for.” If you’re not hearing them enough, you possibly have two problems:

  1. Your branding has no message. You’ll realize this is you if you get this feedback from a casting director: “You’re fabulous, but I don’t know what to do with you.” This is one huge reason you get fewer bookings and auditions. The Casting Director can’t match their vision of the role of a branded message that doesn’t exist.
  2. You have a mixed or wrong message.

    You can use social media to brand your acting career and take it from the school auditorium to the television.

For instance, you believe you’re a leading man. Perhaps you’ve always got the lead in the school play, people have always told you were handsome, etc.

So, you go out and take some leading man headshots and you’re auditioning for the leading man roles. When in truth, your brand is really a better fit for the best friend of the leading man.