Social media marketing is a vital part of any business want to attract, retain, and engage a true customer base, not to mention attracting a bigger audience.

This means the burden is on to create good social content, on the right platforms, and at the time when your audience is most likely to be on it.

However, with the right social media automation tools, monitoring, analyzing, and producing effective social content has never been simpler. Here are a few well-known social media management tools that work with any size budget.


This social media tool provides a real picture of your social networks all in one platform. This allows you to see what your audience is saying about your brand and your business.

Also, you can monitor and schedule engagement around each post using the analytics tool.

Small businesses can begin with a free account, which provides automating for up to three social profiles and produces some message scheduling and fundamental analytics reports.

Audiense – SocialBro

For small businesses that use Twitter as their main social media platform, SocialBro by Audiense might be a smart investment.

This tool lets you check out your competitors, target new followers, and examine your account to establish the best time to create your tweets to increase your audience reach.

You can also create analytics reports from your account to help improve your social media marketing strategy going forward.

Sprout social

With user-friendly functionality and a simple interface, Sprout Social is on the fast track in being a well-known social media marketing tool for business owners who find they don’t have a lot of time.

It lets you manage social media messages all on one platform thanks to its smart inbox feature. Also, it produces simple to understand analytics reports to help increase your engagement strategy.

The platform also organizes key target market insights and gives you personalized feedback on how to enhance your social reach.