Pet shelters use social media for marketing.

Social media is the main component of most shelter pet marketing strategies. As you’ve probably already noticed, it moves quicker than a dog that just heard a pack of meat opening in the kitchen. Live stories are gaining momentum, video charges ahead as the most-consumed type of content, and heartfelt storytelling is becoming a strategic response to aggressive algorithm updates.

But with so many parts, it can feel like a full-time job just deciding where to start. Here are some ways for re-energizing your shelter pet marketing strategy and creating content that gets your adoptable animals seen and your message out!

Plan It Out

A little planning at the beginning of every month can not only save you much time managing your social media daily but can also make sure you don’t miss an important holiday or event. Use an online calendar or a wall calendar and mark public and novelty holidays, and your events and programmatic goals. Begin as far in advance as you can and add to it as your goals and internal strategies take shape all through the year.

  • Capitalize on famous novelty holidays for fun, shareable, engagement-driven content (i.e. Earth Day, Groundhog Day, or National Hot Dog Day)
  • Draw from relevant pet-aligned holidays to encourage adoption promotions, fund drives, and social interaction (i.e. National Puppy Day, Adopt A Rescued Rabbit Month, or Black Cat Appreciation Day)
  • Plan out your organization’s next fundraising campaign so you can begin each one with messaging and promotional graphics already in place.
  • Add things like microchip clinics and other community resources, big-picture objectives, important dates, and special anniversaries.

Planning your content in advance can aid you in making better use of other social media platforms as well. Prepare posts for your main social platform first and then change it for your secondary platforms from there, enhancing with hashtags, shortened copy, or reformatted imagery where needed.