The way we talk is basically different from the way we type. The easiness of just asking a question explains why over 70% of people who have a voice-activated speaker say that their gadgets are frequently used as part of their everyday routine. As the admiration of technology increases, this number will probably increase. The notion of a hands-free, permanent assistant will start to feel natural.

Voice recognition software is expected to continue to grow in popularity.

A couple of years ago, Google said they had over 94% accuracy rate on its voice recognition digital assistant, and as this technology enhances, so will their users. Its growth rate is projected to be quick, with 50% of every search expected to be voice by 2020. To make the most of voice search, natural content and long-tail keywords reflecting conversational language are likely to grade higher.

Content: Personalization and Video

Following from voice search optimization and SEO, conversational content that is authentic and personal is key to retaining customers. Though, in 2019, personalization is at the front of effective content marketing.

With the evolution of big data and the availability of in-depth consumer information, personalizing content is not only understandable but over 95% of marketers feel personalization enriches customer relationships. As customers are attracted to experiences that reveal their preferences, deciding what content will be most important to an individual is crucial to customers’ loyalty and satisfaction.

Digital Marketing Analytics

While personalization among all forms of content is vital. The sort of content you’re creating remains a critical part of your digital marketing strategy.

Video content is getting power as a very well-liked form of content. With stories, Instagram TV, and video, more and more companies are using video as a digital marketing tool. Some marketing experts are going the extra mile by producing personalized video messaging instead of phone calls and emails, which might be a hopeful new way to engage customers.