The Importance of Having a Good Homepage

It doesn’t matter what your website’s function is, the home page is like the front window of a store. It’s a peek inside your website. And if it is not engaging or interesting, then in all probabilities, it’s the only thing visitors will look at before they move on to another website.

This post is written more for the web designing folks, those folks who come up with some engaging fonts and use their creativity. However, there are some real crucial points told here that will be relevant even if you’re just a website owner. So, I urge you to read on and appreciate!

The earth may be new to the web, but it isn’t new to companies. The internet is like a virtual street with millions of organizations and businesses all jockeying for your attention. Like that window, a home page is your best chance to show visitors what you have to offer. A website visitor, like someone looking in a window, determines within a real short amount of time if a website will be any help to them.

So, if you don’t fill your storefront window with big advertisements, invalid announcements, immaterial news, and anything else not relating to your store’s purpose, then why would you do that to your website?

One of the biggest things I’ve learned during my time in this industry is the importance of a well-thought and well-designed homepage. The homepage acts as the first impression for a new visitor and usually it will be the page that gets the most traffic.

Your homepage operates key principles, all with equal significance:
– To captivate and draw visitors
– To school folks on your brand
– To incite visitors to take a look at other pages on your website