Even our pets have made it to the internet.

The web has let animal lovers really go wild! Cat videos are huge examples of people’s desire for fluffy entertainment and news.

But beyond leisurely, there’s also a new breed of marketing aimed at the pet care industry. Brands are making a real effort to engage on social platforms, develop useful apps ad offer hot new pet supplies for their animal-loving admirers. Some brands and enthusiastic folks even meet up at yearly conferences, like BarkWorld, a gathering of social media using pet lovers for “petworking.”

Here are some ways in which digital marketing has gone to the dogs.

Subscription Services

Following the footsteps of top brands such as Birchbox and Netflix, the pet industry has obtained subscription models.

BarkBox was launched in November. Similar to Birchbox, the goal is product discovery. The aim is to put homemade, all-natural treats and other top-quality products in every box. Things you can’t find at the usual big-box pet store.

Barkbox gives back, donating some of the profits to a shelter or rescue. There aren’t any numbers out, but it is known that many folks who get BarkBox as a gift during the holidays have enrolled for subscriptions.

If surprise and delight isn’t your thing, you can get the things you know you need at Petflow. Now two years old, PetFlow has over 100 pet brands and ships more than 600,000 pounds of pet food every month.

The company was founded on the notion that customers must never have to run out of pet food or have to lug home a mini-van size bag of kibble. The company’s auto-replenishment system lets you save money and time via automatic delivery, whereby you can get your pet’s favorite products right at your door at the interval of their choosing.