Brands Going Social

Ecommerce Engagement:, the pet alter-ego of, has a Mascot of the Week contest on its Facebook page. Wag’s 15,000 fans are very engaged, quickly responding to polls, submitting responses to photo caption contests and posting viral pet content from Buzzfeed. For each new fan it gets, donates $1 to Best Friends Animal Society.

Clever Use of Platforms: The GranataPet Food’s campaign used the Foursquare API in 10 billboards in Berlin and Munich. When a user checked in to the billboard on Foursquare, it dropped dog food into a bowl on the ground for puppies walking by. This creative use of a platform helped Munich and Berlin pet stores sell over 25% more GranataPet during and 10 days after the campaign than before it came into existence.

Going Social for Charity: Pedigree donated one pound of dog food to a shelter for every tweet, like, or post about its “Every Dog Deserves…” campaign. For the month of June, over 100,000 pounds had been donated. The social good campaign was a more widely revival campaign of its 2010 one “Write a Post, Help a Dog” for which Pedigree donated dog food for each blog post about its pet adoption program.

High-Tech Pet Care

Pet care has become digital as well.

Veterinarians are taking a hint from the electronic health records movement and digitizing pet records.

Plenty of practices now, particularly in NYC, all have more or less gone to digital records stated many veterinarian organizations and veterinarians around the nation. There are no longer paper charts, everything is computerized. X-rays are digital now. The reason? Besides the risk of losing a part of a file or the complete file, it’s also very convenient for pet owners to be able to get their pet’s medical history on-the-go and online.