Some doggy daycares have webcams now.

From healthcare to daycare, even doggy daycare places are going high tech. Realizing that it can be hard for an owner to be separated from his pet all day, businesses such as Spot in New York and DayPaws in Orlando have webcams so you can get a glance at your pet to be sure he’s playing well with others and getting a good amount of playtime in between naps.

There’s an App for That

Realizing that pet owners are frequently out and about, developers have come out with some apps for pet lovers.

DoggyDatez is a location-based mobile platform for discovering new friends, human, and doggie while walking your dog. You can “mark a territory” and then see who’s coming through and sniff them out, just like doggies do.

Petcentric is an app from Purina that lets you find pet-friendly parks, hotels, and restaurants. There are also pet videos to keep you entertained while your doggie is at play.

Rate My Puppy is a dog version of Hot or Not. Upload a picture of your pet and others will rate how cute he is.

MyPetED lets you carry your pet’s vet contact info and medical record with you. The app costs $1.99 and is excellent for travel, emergency room visits, and other times when you need to pull up vaccination history on the go.

Animal videos are getting shared like crazy on platforms such as Facebook. If shelters could create similar videos that have an underlining message to microchip, leash, and spay/neuter, they can increase the buzz about their shelter and spread a message that makes pet owners more responsible while enticing more folks from social media to their website.

Media in any form is incredibly influential for pet owners in both bad and good ways. With the help of social media, lost pets can be returned to owners immediately. Shelters can share pics of their adoptable animals and increase the number of possible adopters that see’s the animal.