Most small companies are missing a golden opportunity to be the desired source of their services and products to seniors just because they’ve believe that variation can’t be done. The reality is that nearly all offerings can be altered in a way that matters to seniors.

So, what should your message to seniors do to distinguish you from your competition? Here’s some examples to use in your marketing.


Resonant communication-Communication is vital in getting attention and creating interest. The error that most make is talking in the vernacular of the knowing. Your customers don’t know. The words they utilize to explain what they want and what attracts them are essential in getting their attention. Utilizing words they use that relate to your niche lets your messages echo in agreement with what they know. That gains their attention!

Niche(s) where others aren’t. The great benefit of being in a niche where others are not is that you become difficult to compare. When you can get this, grab the moment to be the first, as the position will aid you in the future. Usually, others will come behind you into the niche, competing for some of that success you have received by being the first one. However, there’s a downside: you’ll have to make the market, indicating you’ll have to clarify and market the concept of your offering first before you are able to market precisely what you do.

Companies marketing to seniors have usually put most of their money and time into offline media. There is an age-old belief that people 50+ aren’t on the internet at all or are only going onto sites like WebMD or AARP.

Advertising-Many businesses whose customers are a huge percentage of seniors are presently advertising and marketing online. A recent study indicated that over 60% of visitors to where over the age of 50.