Search engines are a big source of traffic for any website. That’s why our users frequently ask for SEO tips and plugins that can help enhance SEO of their WordPress sites. Below is some info to get the best WordPress SEO plugins and tools that will enhance SEO of your website.

WordPress SEO by Yoast

It is one of the most downloaded WordPress plugins. Yoast’s WordPress SEO is a complete solution for for all your on-site SEO needs.

It lets you add SEO title, meta keywords, and meta descriptions to every page and post of your site.


SEMRush is a tool that professionals use to gather insights and analytics from their competitor’s to aid in improving their own SEO.

You can find places where you can get insights into your competitor’s advertising methods, backlinks, and organic keywords.

SEMrush is a paid subscription and is used by hundreds of SEO specialists all over the globe. It can give you a vast wealth of data.

Google Keyword Planner

No one on the planet has more knowledge about what folks are searching for than Google, the best search engine.

Do you realize that you can get your own ideas about your keywords from Google with the Google Keyword Planner tool.

It is given to Google’s advertisers for free and all can use it. It’s purpose is to show advertisers the keywords they can bid on for their advertising. Also, it helps marketers pick the correct keywords by showing them an approximation of number of results, difficulty level, and search volume.

As a blogger or content marketer, you can use this info to discover keywords with high advertiser interest, high search volume, and more significantly keywords where you can effortlessly outrank all other websites.