Tease the Audience

Podcasters share a little tease of their podcast 24 hours before the episode goes live. They will share fun facts about their podcast guests, things that they discovered about the subject of their newest podcast or share a 15-second clip of the podcast. Sharing a tease will raise your listener’s anticipation for a new episode.

Use your social media platforms to your advantage and reshare your podcasts.


Reshare your podcast episodes on social media. Sharing episode updates on your social media channels is crucial. Remember, everyone is united through a social media channel. There is so much content going through everyone’s social feed that there is a chance that your update was missed. Sharing many times a day or a couple of times a week increases the chances that your post will be seen by your followers.

Use Stories to Your Advantage

Since the launch of Snapchat’s story feature, you have a new behind the scenes look into your favorite TV shows or celebrities. Now, Instagram has the same feature, improving the way our favorite brands use the feature. This is the best tool you can use to give your viewers real-time updates, but also a behind the scenes look into what goes into making a new podcast episode.

Launch Day

If this is your first time recording and presenting a podcast, you should record two or three more episodes. When you’re new to the podcast world, you want to offer your listener a preview of what your future episodes will be about and the topics that you will cover. Having a few episodes available after your first launch will give listeners the chance to listen to you more. 

By having more episodes on launch date, this will aid you in knowing if your first episode was a success. If folks continue listening to the other episodes, you will have an inkling of how huge your audience is.