Freelance SEO Writing

SEO writing is one of the innovative forms of freelance writing produced by the online age, and as such, SEO writing is a good way for aspiring writers to get into the freelance writing scene. SEO writing requires a good amount of imagination and some technical grit, but if you enjoy puzzles, then freelancing as an SEO writer will appeal to you.

Keywords are Critical!

There are bad and good SEO writers. Bad SEO writers don’t know exactly how search engines work, and will try cramming text with ten or twenty commonly-used search terms, ten or twenty times apiece, without caring whether the actual text reads well.

These days, search engines are advanced enough to disregard these kinds of obvious keyword-stuffing efforts, a method which only good SEO practice can get around.



A skilled SEO writer:

– Utilizes only one or two search terms per page
– Utilizes exclusive, natural-language search terms
– Puts search terms effortlessly with text

The difference between a good and bad SEO writer are in the results. Good SEO writers can produce actual results in the search rankings. Their talents keep the client’s web pages at the top of search engine results and make additional revenue for the client. Bad SEO writers don’t put client pages in the first page of search engine results. They produce unreadable, phony text, and don’t get paid well.

If you want to be successful as a freelance SEO writer, you first need to learn to be a good one.

There aren’t any hard-and-fast rules to incorporate keywords efficiently. Each keyword set is different and each article has its own needs. But with imagination, you can have prose that reads naturally while still being SEO-worthy. The main rule is: don’t just stuff lots of keywords in the text. Rather, space them out adequately within the text.