Influencer marketing is an effective strategy for growing your business.

The days of not understanding SEO are beginning to fade away, as well as the black hat tricks that move businesses to the front page of Google search. With Google continually changing their algorithms, there has been an increase in the importance of social signals and what it means to rank within search engines. This brings us to this question:  What is influencer marketing and why it is great for SEO?

Influencer marketing is focusing on using popular leaders in social media to give your message to the larger market. Usually, this leader is either hired to deliver your message, inspired by your message or directly paid to deliver your brand message. This includes delivering your message to their Facebook fans, website readers, Twitter followers, Pinterest followers, YouTube subscribers, email lists and any other huge scaled following.

Why Influencer Marketing is Becoming a Must

As Google is beginning to take in every factor of your online presence, social media marketing has been on the increase and is steadily showing authority in Google’s eyes. With many more individuals understanding how and why it is crucial to optimize your website for links, keywords, and great content, Google determined it’s also important to see how your website/company influences the population.

How Influencer Marketing Impacts Your Traffic and SEO:

Domain & Page Level Links

These are referring to outbound and inbound links from your website and pages within your site. Google takes into consideration the quality of all your links by determining the authority of the websites that are linking to you. The higher the page authority and domain of your links, the more Google rewards you.

Social Metrics

Google and other search engines also would like to see how many shout-outs, tweets, and other forms of social sharing your website and brand get. Having these social influencers share your brand, product, or message sends these social signals out to search engines. All increasing your search engine rankings.