Not only do search engines look for the amount of traffic coming to your site but also what they do once they get there.

Engagement & Traffic

Search engines also heavily consider the traffic amount coming to your site and your capability to keep the users engaged. For instance, if an influencer backlinks to your website and creates a huge flow of traffic, Google will pay attention to what those users do when they get to your website. Are they interacting? Are they spending time reading your content and clicking through pages to see more? These are the things search engines desire to see. Be sure your site is exceptionally created, and the content is engaging. Design the content to get the right flow to it. Keep the visitor’s attention.

How to Get Influencers to Share Your Content:

Create Great Content

Top-quality and informative content makes all the difference. Spend time perfecting what you are discussing. Make it engaging, interesting, emotional, and funny. This makes it very appealing to share from the influencer, not to mention the folks who read it! This creates more social signals and increases your rankings.

Get the Right Influencer

Don’t just get an influencer you see with a huge following. This might get you to rise in traffic, but the kind of traffic you will be getting won’t be the kind that engages and interacts with your site.

Create an Action List

When you get the right influencers, you need to determine how you’re going to get them to share your products, content, idea, etc. This action list could include:

Email outreach – getting contact info and asking them to share your content or letting them know you have a great piece of content related to their expertise.

Pay for it – make a budget you will be comfortable paying to have them share your idea, product, or content. Contact the influencer and ask how much it costs to get mentioned, retweeted, etc.

Give it away – If you have a product, ask the influencer if they would accept your product for free in exchange for a product review or shout out.